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Ensuring a Clean Paint Job: Tips and Techniques for Refinish Technicians

Getting a clean paint job can be a challenge for refinish technicians, and while modern equipment and a well-maintained paint booth can certainly help, they are not a guarantee of a clean result. One common source of dirt nibs in paint jobs is neglect of the airline, which can wear and accumulate dust and overspray on the outside, as well as have a breaking inner wall that releases particles into the spray gun. Proper maintenance of the airline can help prevent dirt specks from appearing in the paint job.

Walcome HTE Basecoat Gun

Another factor to consider is cabin pressure in the paint booth. In newer booths, this may not be an issue, but in others it must be checked for each job. Different-sized objects in the booth and filter saturation can both impact cabin pressure, and running at a slight positive pressure can help prevent dirt from being drawn into the booth.

Clean Paint Job Black Hood

Using high-quality preparation materials, such as lint-free masking paper and rags, and a good tack cloth, can also help prevent dirt from contaminating the paint job. Proper maintenance of spray equipment, including cleaning the gun thoroughly and letting it air dry, and setting the wall regulator to the lowest pressure needed to achieve the required PSI at the gun, can also help ensure a clean result.

46G applied to a fender.

Finally, it’s important to take preventative measures to maintain a clean paint job, such as using disposable wheel covers, saving masking for the end of the job, and using paint booth stands only in the booth. Taking the time to evaluate and invest in prevention can save time and effort in the long run.


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