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    Looking for an Operators Manual for a Welbilt downdraft booth. Shop I work for has revamped who does what and now all body tech are certified painters. The electrical control panel on the spray booth is having problems, and no one in our immediate area knows anything about this particular unit. Booth appears to have been manufactured in Italy mid-1990’s. They have no manual for operation of the electrical controller. The temperature control has a thermometer with three temperature readings None (apparently current booth temperature) SP (could be set point, but appears to be used when painting) and AL (reportedly used when baking paint) Not sure which setting sequences the drying section. Need something to use as a guide.
    Right now the lower section is switchable between paint and drying. The booth controller appears to be messed up, and the company has been through so many techs over the years that the instruction manual has been missing for several years. I understand that the installer is no longer in business and therefore we cannot contact anyone.
    It would help if we knew of some other shop that might be using a Welbilt model booth; maybe we could contact them and get some help. Any directions as to where we might go trying to locate a manual would be of great help!

    June 23, 2011 at 8:40 am #31416

    (this is an example for explaination purpose only) And you do not need the manual for the booth, but you need the manual for the temp controller. give me the info on the controller and I can tell you what you need to do.

    the temp controller should work like this SP = usually is Setponit , AL = Usually is Alarm (telling you the booth is not at setpoint)

    [b]Switch in spray mode[/b] = fan duct should go to outside exhaust, temp setpoint 1 will go to 70 Degrees F (or whatever you have it set for) there will be a setting for deviation from set point temp should be like 10-20 degrees, So If temp goes above or below the setpoint temp it will alarm. so if temp is set for 70 it wont alarm till 60 or 80 degrees.

    [b]Switch is set to Bake[/b] = Fan Duct goes to recirc mode, temp setpoint 2 goes to 140 Degrees (this will bring up an alarm because its not at temp )

    this stuff is not hard to work on but helps to know how it works

    Im an Industrial Electrician and deal with this stuff everyday

    So if you can look up the controller manufacturer to find a manual would be best or just replace the controller ( sounds harder than it really is ) I use Watlow , and Honeywell controllers at work and an omron here and there, but I would recommend Watlow

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    Thanks, but we heard you the first time :p :rofl

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    ya well I only typed it once, apparently the website decided to post it twice

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